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The world of leather goods is fascinating and fascinating. If you have ever been to a tannery, you will be impressed for the rest of your life. I met this amazing world more than 5 years ago, and since then it has not let me go. And I am glad to remain in his captivity. Touching the skin, you feel the warmth, softness of the texture or vice versa rudeness, depending on the dressing. The specific smell of natural skins captivates, you want to inhale and inhale it. Leather is an ancient, strong, durable material created on the basis of the process of tanning leather raw materials of animal origin. Just as there are no two identical fingerprints, there are no two identical skins.

натуральная кожа крс, все о коже крс

The unique natural pattern is called a measure. On different parts of the skin, this pattern is not the same. Any skin has folds or wrinkles on the surface, natural traces received by the animal during life. They remind us that the skin is a natural product, and suggest that these natural features are not defects, but only add uniqueness to each finished product, the most common types of skin — pork, sheepskin and cattle (cattle: cows, bulls and buffaloes).

Calfskin is the most common and used in the manufacture of accessories (belts, bags, etc.), outerwear and shoes. It belongs to the category of cattle (cattle). The main features of this type of skin are the noble texture of the front side, the strength and large size of the skins. The thickness of this species is, as a rule, 1.5-2.2 mm. Modern types of leather processing allow you to achieve a wide variety of textures and colors. Cattle hides are widely used for leather goods such as handbags. It is a durable material with a beautiful measure. Cattle leather has a noble face with a natural or adjusted texture during the dressing process, has a characteristic structure of internal fibers, allows you to get a pleasant tactile feel from the interaction and guarantees a presentable appearance of products made from it. All this makes cattle skin an indispensable material for creating practical and durable products, embodying the most daring creative ideas, realizing truly exclusive design projects, and often determines the unique choice of masters in favor of this type of skin.

плюсы и минусы крс

1. Leather products always look dignified, solid and bring notes of nobility, which indicates the presence of taste in the owners.
2. Leather products are very practical and durable to wear. It’s hard to tear them or plant an irreducible stain on them. It is almost impossible. But if there is a need, then you can always put a patch on such a product, which does not spoil, but only gives the originality to this product.
3. These products are easy to care for.
4. A little scuff on a leather product gives it a touch of shock and delight in the eyes of lovers of the vintage trend in the world of fashion.
5. Leather products are distinguished by their high cost, but their ability to maintain their original appearance for a long time makes them a much more economical option compared to products made from other materials.

Not without drawbacks (Genuine leather is a very delicate material that requires careful use and special care, otherwise the products from it will quickly become unusable, stretched or deformed. Genuine leather has several disadvantages, for example, it does not withstand prolonged exposure to direct sunlight As a result, leather products burn out, dry out and crack. Inaccurate handling, genuine leather can be scratched and even torn.

Another significant drawback of genuine leather is its susceptibility to moisture. Leather can dye things for a while, so manufacturers do not recommend wearing white and beige clothing at first. Or treated with a water-repellent nubuck spray. It gets wet faster than artificial skin, and can subsequently stretch. It is impossible to dry wet products near heating appliances, and after drying they are lubricated with a special cream. The disadvantages include the high cost. Throughout its history, genuine leather was considered a noble material, so in these days, products from it are very expensive.

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